How does the Sacrament of Matrimony come about?

The Sacrament of Matrimony comes about through a promise made by a man and a woman before God and the Church, which is accepted and confirmed by God and consummated by the bodily union of the couple.  Because God himself forms the bond of sacramental marriage, it is binding until the death of one of the partners. [CCC 1625-1631]

The man and the woman mutually administer the sacrament of Matrimony.

A sacramental marriage has three necessary elements: (1) free consent, (2) the affirmation of a lifelong, exclusive union, and (3) openness to children. [CCC 1644-1654]

Please read the Parish Wedding Policy – Kinnegad Parish


Read carefully the booklet Planning Your Wedding Day (Accord)

Contact the Civil Registrar as soon as you can and make an appointment to meet with the registrar. The Registrar for Westmeath is located at The Health Centre, Longford Road, Mullingar. The Registrar for Meath is located at Civil Registration Office, Navan Enterprise Centre, Trim Road, Navan. You must meet The Registrar in person not less than three (3) months before your wedding.

Registrar for Westmeath, Health Centre, Longford Road, Mullingar

Registrar for Meath, Civil Regristration Office, Navan Enterprise Centre, Trim Road, Navan

You will need to reserve the church in which you hope to marry.  Do this by calling on the local priest to check the church is available.  Do not take anything for granted.  Check and confirm that a priest is available for your ceremony.

To marry in church there are some things you need. Faith is probably not a thing – it’s much more personal than that – but it is a prerequisite for Catholic and Christian marriage. If you have drifted away from attending Sunday Mass or practicing your faith you might consider using the planning time toward your wedding as an opportunity to reconnect with the Church by starting to attend Sunday Mass. It’s just a thought. If neither of you attend Mass you really should consider a Catholic Wedding Ceremony Without Mass. Think about this and talk it through with your local priest.

Much easier, you both require a Baptism Certificate and a Confirmation Certificate.  These are to be located at the place where your baptism and confirmation took place. The certificates demonstrate that you are formally a member of the church. You each require a Letter of Freedom. This is a note from your local priest that you are free to marry i.e. that there is no reason preventing you getting married. Strictly speaking you need a Letter of Freedom from each parish in which you lived since becoming 18 years. If this proves difficult you can ask for the parish form ‘Declaration of Freedom to Marry’ which you can arrange to complete.

You are required to undertake formal marriage preparation. This is the Pre – Marriage Course. The course should be completed six months before your marriage. Book a course with ACCORD as soon as you can.  Details are posted in church or at or [email protected]

When you have thought about, and completed all the above arrange to see your local priest to complete the Pre – Nuptial Enquiry Form. Do not leave this to the last minute! You should arrange to complete the Form three months before your wedding.

There is a charge involved if you plan to get married in Kinnegad Parish. This is set at €400.00. It should be paid by cheque/postal order in favour of “Kinnegad Parish” one month before your wedding. This payment will be lodged to The Parish Building & Development Fund.

If you are unclear at any time about what you need to be doing as you plan to marry in church or feel you need some assistance with the wedding ceremony [appropriate readings, music etc…..] simply contact your local priest.

Getting Married Abroad: There are some specific requirements if you plan to get married abroad in a Catholic ceremony. Details can be obtained from The Parochial House. The paperwork aspect of your marriage abroad takes some time. You should give notice of your intention to marry abroad one year before the date of your wedding.

Inter-Church Marriages: We Christians have so much in common through our union in Christ that it is not surprising that we want to share our lives.  The parish is delighted to offer you whatever information and support you require as you plan for marriage.

 Wedding Booking Form

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