Parish Burial Policy


The policy outlined in this document applies to both Parish Cemeteries – St. Agnes, Coralstown and St. Finian’s Clonard. The aim of the policy is to provide for the good and effective management of the Parish Cemeteries. The policy will be applied as outlined.

General Points.

Both cemeteries are available for the interment of Roman Catholics who are parishioners of Kinnegad Parish. Where families have a historical link with the parish or a family tradition of internment in the parish cemeteries, burial plots will be available. Only in exceptional circumstances will plots be available to non parishioners with no demonstrable ties to Kinnegad Parish.

Burial Plots will be available to the extent that land is available in each cemetery for purposes of burial.

Burial Plots will be available in two sizes. (A) Double Plot approx 8ft x 8ft.

(B) Single Plot approx 4ft x 8ft.

Burial Plots will be available as needs necessitate… i.e. at time of death.

Burial Plots will be available in sequence according to the next available as indicated on the cemetery map.

There will be a charge for the purchase of a burial plot in each cemetery. This charge will be applied to the maintenance of the parish cemeteries.

Plot holders are required to maintain plots in a tidy condition. No waste material may be disposed of in the cemeteries. Plot holders are required to adhere to notices and instructions placed on public view in the cemeteries. No work beyond general tidying may commence in the cemeteries without prior agreement of the Parish Priest or a person delegated by him.

Suppliers or erectors of grave ware may not commence work without the agreement of the Parish Priest or person delegated by him. Suppliers or erectors of grave monuments must provide evidence of insurance indemnifying the cemetery owner. The same suppliers or erectors of grave ware must be in a position to provide a Safety in the Workplace Statement prior to the commencement of work in the parish cemeteries. No monument may be erected in parish cemeteries bearing an inscription or representation of any kind which may be inconsistent with the ethos and values of the Roman Catholic Church. If in doubt, seek clarification from the Parish Priest or his delegate.

Responsibility of opening a grave lies with the plot holder or person delegated by the plot holder. Graves may be opened only by a person properly experienced. Safety precautions in line with trench digging and site excavation must be adhered to by the person opening the grave. The cemetery owner claims the right to halt the opening of a grave on safety grounds.  A person opening a grave must be adequately insured.

Clonard New Section – Cemetery NE.

The most recently developed section of St. Finian’s cemetery [NE] has been developed as a lawn cemetery. All new burials will take place in this section of the cemetery. In line with the principles of lawn cemetery design no kerbing is permitted. A plinth is provided as the foundation for the headstone at each plot.  This is a shared plinth with the adjoining plot -50%-.

Plots are available as either double or single, in sequence and when need requires.

Plots should be maintained to the standard of a small lawn. No objects or structures of a permanent nature should be placed on the plot.

Visiting Parish Cemeteries.

In line with longstanding practice there is no restriction on visiting parish cemeteries.  A cemetery is a sacred place and should be treated with dignity and respect.  No drinking of alcohol is permitted within a parish cemetery.  Criminal activity taking place in a parish cemetery will be reported to the appropriate civil authorities.  A cemetery is a place of quiet prayer and reflection for the living and a place of rest for the dead.  Noise should be kept to a minimum.  Parish cemeteries are not play areas and may not be used for this purpose.  As a rule, dogs should not be walked in a parish cemetery.  On occasions when this happens the dog must be on a leash at all times and fouling should be removed

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